Footy Pups
Here’s a link to an episode of Series 2 of the fast-paced ratings-topping football-themed show Footy Pups.
From January 2016 to January 2017 I directed two teams of animators on the show’s animated segment. This one was a particularly tricky episode involving lots of Powerchair action, continuity and match dynamics!

Q Pootle 5
From 2012-2013 I directed one of the animation teams on Qpootle5 (52×10″ Blue-Zoo, airing on CBeebies)

Dan Chambers Directing Showreel 2013 QPootle5 s1e03 Pootle’s House Guest – Montage from Dan Chambers on Vimeo.

The Amazing Adrenalini Brothers

And I won a Bafta for directing The Amazing Adrenalini Brothers. Here are some of my favourite episodes:


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