Who I am

BLAM! This is me, a high-octane creative powerhouse. My beard’s not as dense as this but the eyes are spot-on.

I am a BAFTA-winning animation director, experienced scriptwriter, and voice artist, with 15+ years experience. I have an intimate understanding of all the stages of animation from pre- to post-production.I’ve written scripts for such clients as Nick Jr, Radio 4, CBeebies and Disney, and have provided voiceovers for, among others, BBC TV and Radio, G.O.L.D, Nokia, Pearson and ITV.

I am personable and good fun to work with and can meet tight deadlines.

In my spare time I like to ferment various things, make dumb-looking animals and program in Python.

Don’t confuse me with Dan Chambers the engineer who was awarded the Royal Academy of Engineering’s Sir Frank Whittle Medal in 2012 for building the world’s fastest and lightest racing wheelchairs. Sure I could knock you up a wheelchair but it wouldn’t win any medals.

What I can do

Animation Directing, 2D animation, Adobe Creative Cloud (Animate, Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere, Audition), Voiceover and Voice directing, Scriptwriting and Editing, Storyboarding and Animatic production, Character Design, Final Draft, Audio Editing. Comfortable on PC or Mac.

What I’ve been up to

Sep – Nov 2018 Animator at Tiger Aspect, working on Series 3 of Mr Bean the Animated Series  (CITV), and on Aliens Love Underpants (Sky Kids)

Feb – Mar 2018 Animator at Picasso Pictures (Animated on Salvetat, advert for French TV, Billa, advert for this European supermarket brand’s Jamie Oliver magazine)

2018 Voice of Miffy’s websiteintroducing the site and providing links for the web movies.

Sep – Nov 2017 Director at Tiger Aspect (on a super secret fantastic pilot project!)

Feb – Aug 2017 Animator/Director at Picasso Pictures (Directed Salvetat, advert for French TV, Animated on Billa, advert for this European supermarket brand’s Jamie Oliver magazine, and Hosparus, US healthcare brand commercial)

Dec 2015-Jan 2017 Animator/Animation Director, Footy Pups Series 1 & 2 (Dot to Dot Productions for CBeebies). I animated on Series 1 of this ratings-topping pre-school sports-themed cartoon. I took over as Animation Director on Series 2.

2016 Voice Artist (Narrator, Farmer, Zookeeper) on Miffy and Friends Series 2 (Blue Zoo for Tiny Pop)

2015 Producer/Director, Corporate 2016 Look Ahead film for the National Trust. My first corporate video! It was a look-ahead to 2016 for the National Trust, drawing inspiration from Aardman‘s Creature Comforts series, using voices from NT‘s staff and to animate NT properties as characters, including statues, paintings and houses, using Adobe Photoshop, Flash, After Effects, Audition and Premiere.

2014-15 Animator/Director at Picasso Pictures (Cyber Streetwise, Rennie, 1st Source, Kynect. Directed the Mascot Backstory for the 1st European Games in Baku)


2014-15 Voice artist (Jeremy Fisher, Jack Sharp, Ginger and Pickles, Tolly Tortoise) on Peter Rabbit Series 2 (Silvergate Media for CBeebies/Nickelodeon).

2014 Scriptwriter and Voice Artist (Narrator) on a new cartoon series of the children’s classic character Miffy and Friends, (52×6′, Blue Zoo for Tiny Pop)

2013-14 Voice Artist (“Mr Cloppity“) on this new show Boj & Buddies (52×10′, Pesky Productions for CBeebies)

2012-3 Animation Director at Blue-Zoo – added a whole extra dimension to my skillset making the beautiful CGI series Q Pootle 5 (52×10″ currently airing on CBeebies) at the BAFTA-winning Independent Production Company of the year 2012.

2012 Animator for Picasso Pictures (animations for adverts and websites including Kelloggs, Unicef, Domestos, Always Money)

2011-12 Scriptwriter and Voice Artist (Jeremy Fisher, Jack Sharp, Ginger and Pickles) on Peter Rabbit Series 1 (Silvergate Media for CBeebies/Nickelodeon USA, currently airing on CBeebies.)

2011 Animator for Espresso Education – animating cute characters alongside educational content.

2011 Animator for Magictown – children’s website bringing beloved authors’ and illustrators’ work to life.

2010 Lady Geek TV – scriptwriter and animator on 2 series of this comedy online tech show.

2010 Animator at Hibbert Ralph – animating a Russian Strepsils advert. (Yes, they do!)

2010 Animator at Cartoon Network – animating Boomerang idents and channel promos for Cartoon Network Europe and Cartoon Network Nordic.

2009 Animator on Peppa Pig Series 3 (AstleyBakerDavies/eOne Entertainment for Five, Nickelodeon, BAFTA nominated 2009&10, Preschool Animation Series)

2009 Animator on Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom (AstleyBakerDavies/eOne Entertainment for Five, Nickelodeon, BAFTA winner 2009, Preschool Animation Series)

2008 Animator for Picasso Pictures (animations for web and adverts including, GoGurt, Oracea)

2008 Scriptwriter on Jungle Junction (SpiderEye for Playhouse Disney, BAFTA nominated, Preschool Animated Series 2010)

2007-8 Animator on Charlie and Lola Series 3 (Tiger Aspect for BBC, Playhouse Disney, BAFTA-winner, Preschool Animation 2008)

2005-6 Director/Voice Artist on The Amazing Adrenalini Brothers Series 2 (Pesky/Studio B Productions for ITV, YTV, ABC, BAFTA-winner Children’s Series 2006)

2004 Director/Animator on The Fly Who Loved Me (online, UNICEF, starring Sir Roger Moore)
2004 Animator on Charlie and Lola Series 1 (Tiger Aspect for BBC/Playhouse Disney, BAFTA-nominated, Preschool Animation 2006)

The distant past…
2003 Directed and animated Tube Mice (onedotzero ltd. & UK Film Council, screened in various international film festivals, appeared on both The Times and Independent cover DVDs), 2001-2 Directed The Amazing Adrenalini Brothers Series 1 (Pesky/BBC, Prix des internautes Annecy 2002, Pulcinella Prize – Cartoons on the Bay), 2000 Animated The Pygmy Shrew, one of the first viral animations on the web, 2000 Scriptwriter for Greenlightmedia ltd., Berlin, 1998-99 Comedy Performance and writing (BBC Choice, UKPlay, Radio 4).

Please note that all pics of copyrighted characters are my oddly-drawn version of them and are completely (if affectionately) “off-model“.


One thought on “CV

  1. Hello Dan. Love the site. You’re one multi talented dude and, indeed, personable and good fun to work with. That’s one hell of a CV. Good luck man. Be good to catch up at some point. Paul x

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