Hello – my name is Dan Chambers, and I live in London, UK.

I’m a director, voice artist, scriptwriter and animator. You can hear my Voice Reel, see my CV and Showreel on the site.

You can contact me by email at djjchambers (followed by a curly-keyboard snail) Gee mail dot com. Forgive the cryptic address – it’s to throw off spambots who harvest email addresses from the web. I don’t actually know if they do that, but I’ve seen other people doing this and am either being web-savvy or just perpetuating a myth.

I have many other interests. Here they are in no particular order (other than that in which they occurred to me to write down, and then maybe later shuffled them around a bit to sound better, avoid alliteration, seem more varied.)

The sea, urban wasteground, crochet, Python programming, flyovers, dachshunds, walking, dual carriageways, open-water swimming, games development, storage, industrial estates, new notebooks, meditation, baking, canals, subtle colours, hills, buns.


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