Galumph galumph

This is the forest sprite who steals silently through the woods at night checking that all is well…


I’d like to add some leaf debris on the floor for this one to give it some depth instead of just that bush, but I couldn’t quite figure out a way of avoiding the pattern repeating. Plus the walk cycle was done on the spot so any distinct pattern on the floor will probably make the sprite’s feet seem to slip. I’d like to make the body rock side to side in the z axis as he walks. But that’s fiendishly complicated to do.

Had to go back through and put everything on twos (ie two exposures per frame, or 12 frames per second) as there was a subtle but noticeable strobing effect. I’m rather pleased with the way the background works, given that it’s just two planes of black with cutout shapes moving at different rates.


Here’s an updated version with some bushes and stuff… because the cycle is 64ff long all movement of the background has to be divisible into 64. This means the elements appear to be moving quite quickly, so I doubled the length of the gif. However this has the disadvantage of doubling the filesize and also making the slow background movement appear a bit juddery when it’s on twos.


Here it is speeded up again. It’s funny but hard to watch.

Looking at it again, I would also suggest to myself that those eyes in the background are totally stealing the show, and they don’t quite match the pace of the background. Typical isn’t it, that the throwaway afterthought gets all the attention?


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