Jigsaw Sasquatch


This character reminds me a bit of Mr Noseybonk, the terrifying character on Jigsaw, the theme tune to which still sometimes pops into my head from time to time. (I’m talking about the show’s theme tune, not the Mr Noseybonk segment tune, which was a piece titled “A Hippo Named Hubert” written by Joe Griffiths, who also wrote music for Chorlton and the Wheelies and Jamie and the Magic Torch and hence will live on forever in the minds of 40-somethings). Incidentally, is there some mileage in a parallel between Chorlton the Dragon and Aslan the Lion being Christ-like figures in their respective narratives? No. Thought not.

Jigsaw was a children’s show based on puzzles, as far as I remember Janet Ellis and Adrian Hedley teamed up with a puppet (later animated) jigsaw piece called Jig who was a victim of ethnic cleansing in his homeland. I think they had to solve puzzles to reveal letters in a word, or maybe collect pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. If the latter, it predates Banjo-Kazooie by at least fifteen years.

The walking character’s arms are a direct reference to the famous Patterson “Bigfoot” footage


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