Apples and Pears

My girlfriend runs an organic veg box scheme in Hackney Wick. This gif isn’t meant to suggest that all the fruit is dropped and bruised. Just seemed witty at the time. Apples and Pears being Cockney rhyming slang for… well, you either get it or you don’t.

I really can’t decide if there’s a glitch in the loop, just after the pear hits his head…

Also, why does Photoshop’s gif publishing dialog box assumes by default that people will want to play the gif “Once”. When in the last fifteen years has any gif been suitable for only playing once?



3 thoughts on “Apples and Pears

    1. Hey. I tried my usually trick of tweening a loop so that it reaches exactly the same point again, (in this case moving the staircase in the end frame so the stairs align perfectly) then insert a keyframe on the penultimate frame of the loop and delete the last frame, so there aren’t two frames matching as it’ll make the animation pause perceptibly. I thought that’s what I did with this one, but it seems to be wrong somehow! Anyway stuff it.

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