Polite graffiti notice


Usually when I see a sheet of paper tacked to a wall I expect to see the heading “Polite Notice” and for the note to actually be a fully-justified (in the printing sense) passive-aggressive diktat. But this note, on the wall near my girlfriend’s house in London, is the very opposite – cheerful, admiring, heartwarming. I miss the horse too. It was life-sized and gentle, with an expression that told of some horsey inner wisdom. Another one appeared very briefly, up the road a-ways… this one had gold wings. I think it’s gone now.

I just realised I used the word “diktat” in that paragraph purely because I saw it on the back cover of my copy of “Porpoises Rescue Dick Van Dyke”, which arrived fresh from Lulu’s printers today.

I highly recommend it! You can buy it here.

Furthermore, having seen the video of lovely old Dick Van Dyke telling the story of his rescue to Craig Ferguson, I now can’t help but picture Jon and George from numbers 41 + 13 as porpoises!


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