Thistles and… wheat?


I’m not usually one for taking landscape pictures – they tend to look flat and the things I think will stand out rarely do. But here’s one I took this morning on a walk.

I run a 3.5 mile circuit of the village every couple of days or so but have lately been trying to get my running mileage up to 15/week to increase fitness and lose weight, which means trying to do 3 miles every day, or a long run one day and a short one the next. Because I don’t want to overdo it early on and end up with an injury, I opted for a 5-mile walk today, and the colour of this thistle’s flowers caught my eye.

I guess the picture’s a bit overexposed in the top right-hand corner, and it might be better if there were more negative space around the thistle-tops instead of losing them against the woods, but there’s something about the alien fractal spikiness which appeals to me.


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