Dumb phone

Look at it! Shiny! Isn’t it lovely?
Well, not really. After the best part of a year of teeth-grinding frustration using the HTC Hero, waiting for HTC to upgrade its firmware to the latest Android 2.1, rooting the phone so I could load custom ROMs, suffering the awful instability, clawing the battery out of the guts of the beast at least once a day, I’ve gone back to my old Nokia N95-

-which has a fantastic little camera and a clear microphone and speakers. The only problem is that the N95 doesn’t integrate well with the Google stuff I use – Calendar, Mail, Documents, etc. But I think I can live with that if it means getting a usable phone.
I trawled through the ROMs on various Android forums, looking for something completely un-flashy. I’d even plump for black-and-white if they made stability and speed a priority. I don’t want to watch videos on my phone, I don’t care about playing music on it, I just use Maps, the alarm clock, email, calendar and the phone itself. But there weren’t really any options to do this.


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