Sedan Chair Race

I’ve just been listening to Handel’s Recorder Sonata in A minor. Man, that’s the gayest Recorder Sonata I ever heard.
I’m joking of course. It’s perhaps my favourite Recorder Sonata. I searched for it online in MIDI form, and came across this guy’s webpage. Here’s a direct link to the MIDI file. Listen to it about a minute in, when the pace picks up. I always imagine a comical sedan chair race to this music, set in 1720s Hamburg, with sedan chairs ramping up fruit and veg carts, overturning and exploding. Maybe a multiple pile-up of cop sedan chairs.

Am I making this up or remembering something that’s already been done? I seem to remember something like that in a film – is it Jabberwocky? I can’t seem to find anything like it on the web, and when I Google “Sedan Chair Race” I get loads of links for actual Charity Sedan Chair Races. That’s got to be hard work.


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