Wilkommen in Stuttgart!


I’m going to Stuttgart (the exciting Metropolis in the heart of Southern Germany) next weekend for Trickfilm, the 15th Annual International Animation Festival… an episode of the Amazing Adrenalini Brothers is being shown there and I think we stand to win an award.

Olly shrieks triumphantly upon turning a London bus into a sausage.

A little embarrassingly, the episode which was entered is called Mission of Impossibility and is about spies… Enk is recruited by MI5 to stop an evil supervillain called Baron Von Badguy (wonderfully voiced by the peerless Olly Smith), who is a rather broad cliche of a Germanic megalomaniac who wears a pickelhaube and plans to turn London landmarks into sausages…


One thought on “Wilkommen in Stuttgart!

  1. I have seen this episode, and I have also met Olly Smith. On the occasion I was privaliged to meet him in an entirely coherent and lucid state (he had yet to ‘hit the bottle’) and I can confirm that this ‘barron’ character of yours is Mr Smith’s true persona. Let us hope that next time I meet him he is totally blotto.

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