Morphin’ Cats

This is a counterpart to my earlier looping gif Morphin Dawgs. Great fun to do. Slightly harder to use Stumpy Pencil in Photoshop these days, not sure why, doesn’t seem to have the same quality.



Ninja Tadpole

Not so hot on the rebound when he sidles in at the end… but I like the general idea of a ninja tadpole. As I said before it’s annoying that Photoshop’s GIF saving defaults to playing the GIF once. You make lots of edits to get the timing right and inevitably end up publishing a GIF that doesn’t loop…


Your host…

I voiced the “blink and you’ll miss it” Announcer for this Susan Boyle show on ITV a few years ago. Just ran across it again. If you watch the show you could be forgiven for thinking I was wearing a tuxedo and standing behind the curtains. But no, I was in a sound booth in Soho a few days prior to broadcast. Wearing a cowboy hat and wellies.