More Morphin’ Dawgs

See the original Morhpin’ Dawgs here. And the Morphin’ Cats here. This one’s animated in Flash rather than Photoshop – much quicker and easier, but much less control over the brush weight. It’s a common animation trade-off. Here, I think the line boil makes the vector lines less obvious.


Ninja Tadpole

Not so hot on the rebound when he sidles in at the end… but I like the general idea of a ninja tadpole. As I said before it’s annoying that Photoshop’s GIF saving defaults to playing the GIF once. You make lots of edits to get the timing right and inevitably end up publishing a GIF that doesn’t loop…


Your host…

I voiced the “blink and you’ll miss it” Announcer for this Susan Boyle show on ITV a few years ago. Just ran across it again. If you watch the show you could be forgiven for thinking I was wearing a tuxedo and standing behind the curtains. But no, I was in a sound booth in Soho a few days prior to broadcast. Wearing a cowboy hat and wellies.